Welcome to LincsQuad

Welcome to Lincolnshire Quadrathlon Club, or more commonly known as LINCSQUAD.

LINCSQUAD was formed in 2007 by Paul Carvill and a group of like minded individuals who like to train and compete and in various multi-sport events such as Quadrathlons, Triathlons and Duathlons.

The club welcomes anyone who just wants to train/compete in only one discipline just as much as in all four and maybe even more. The nucleus of the club is based around North Lincolnshire and was born out of specifically two local events the Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon and the North Lincolnshire Adventure Challenge.

“Our aim is to be a friendly and supportive club with an emphasis on enjoying the sport.”

We also introduced the Brigg Sprint Triathlon in 2008 which has proved hugely popular with novices and regulars alike, so much so that the event continues to sell out each year.

You don’t have to be fit to be part of Lincsquad so don’t worry, everyone starts somewhere and nobody gets left behind.

So what is a Quadrathlon?

quadrathlon: (or quadrathon) is an endurance sports event composed of four individual disciplines. All four disciplines are completed in succession and the lowest overall time decides the winner. The sport of Quadrathlon has been going for approximately 20 years and has recently undergone a significant upsurge in interest in the UK, with many more people finding the attraction of the four sporting disciplines, (swimming, kayaking, cycling, running), too much to resist!

Latest News

Hill-arious things that go BUMP in the night

Round 8 hill climb report Hill-arious things that go bump in the night…… Some of you have asked what TT towers is like and what it is like living here during Lincsquad’s TT series.  TT towers is dimensionally transcendental, innocuous on the outside, bigger on the inside and able to transport us through time and …

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Three Free Taster Sessions in August

For certain dates in August we are offering three free taster sessions for anyone to come and try what LincsQuad has to offer as a club. This will be at no charge; all we ask that we know you are intending to come so we can ensure that we have the correct coach to attendee …

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