Nov 13

Lincsquad thank – you night 2016

As a thank you to all our helpers, marshals and supporters for all their efforts during 2016 we invite you to join us at the King William IV Scawby Brook November 23rd 2016 from 1930hrs until late.

Its an oportunity to meet more lincquadders, have a bit of a drink (on a school night!) and generally have a laugh.

See you there Squadders!

Oct 22

This Month’s Q&A with Lincsquad’s Louise Beedham.

How does it feel being recently crowned British Quadrathlon Age group Champion?

I feel amazing it has taken a lot of hard work, determination and training over the last two years to make it possible for me to complete the Quadratholn series. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 14

“On it like a car bonnet” Graham Cowan’s IM Barca race report

I’m an Ironman! That sounds really great, and for me I’m so proud, this was a step into the big league of triathlon and if I’m honest one I didn’t really think I could achieve.

It all started a couple of years ago when after several years of inactivity due to work commitments, the naturally competitive streak got the better of me and I decided I wanted to have a go at Triathlon Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 07

Cannings can can at IM Barcalona

2nd October 2016, 08.00am Calella beach the start line of Ironman Barcelona.

How the chuffing hell did I end up here?

To paraphrase my culinary hero Keith Floyd “Well dear reader if you’ll come over here you’ll see”. Indulge me in a small Scooby Doo moment and step back in time, to 11.16am Sunday October 23rd 2005 because that’s where all this nonsense really started, and it started with a bang. By a bang I mean a near apocalyptic full on explosive bang. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 28

Team Saxon become Team Animis

Many of you who have attended our coached swim and run sessions will at some time have been under the watchfull eyes of Fred,Jacqui and Oliver Saxon – Formerly Team Saxon and now Team Animis. They’ve been with the club a long time and given Ollies recent race success we thought it was time to find out what makes them tick.animis3 Read the rest of this entry »

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