Jun 22

Lincsquad TT Series Round 5

Sooooo…………approximately halfway through the TT series and numbers have risen again following the blip of two weeks ago with 37 riders taking part in this weeks “The Race of Truth”. Personally I’ve never understood that description of time trialling – Race of sweating, race of gurning, race of shortness of breath five minutes after you’ve started wishing you’d not had a drink/wanting a drink, race of showing off a fancy bike that deserves a better rider or race of wanting to beat x person would perhaps be a better description?

Assisting this circus of clowns, performing animals and occasional acrobats (more of that later 🙂 ) was our usual Ring Mistress Kerry, assisted by Rob and Cathy, Anna, Jess, Tony, Ash and Sara, Susan, Becky, Emma and Jack, Wal, Fiona and Bill. Hooge fanks to these Lincsquadders for supporting our club.

There are some members who still haven’t offered to help out – no helpy….no resultys!

This weeks TT promised good conditions with the recent high temperatures reducing a little and only a slight wind. Kudos to Pam Challen of WCS Race Team for performing a Froomey and running back to the start with her bike following a puncture and managing to swap a wheel and finishing the race. No doubt this time will be discarded when Pams 6 of the best are taken in to consideration at the end of the year. Just as energetic but with a lot less grace was Kev Coopers finishline acrobatics. The full TT course is included on Strava as a segment so don’t be too quick to hit the stop button on your watches. Sit up catch your breath and most important of all ride safe.

Also with this in mind DO NOT CROSS THE SOLID WHITE LINES THROUGH HIBALDSTOW S BENDS! Non compliance with the Highway Code is an instant disqualification. There will always be irate car drivers who don’t think cyclist should be on their roads, lets not give them anymore ammunition tho ok?

Top banana this week was Steve Grocock 21:24 by a healthy 26 seconds over Julian Hesp 21:50 and Ben Creasy third 22:28

The ladies race turned out to be a dead heat between Jane Taylor and Ruth Wilson 25:41 with Suzanne Szenher third.

Personal Best heroics today by

Pete Wilson, Mathew Walsh, Mark Turner, Luke Stonehewer, Rita Mooney, Bob Mason, Kev Lovett, Chris Kirkby, Martin Hickey, Julian Hesp, Neil Hall, Chris Gibbs, Malcolm Dent, Ben Creasy, Steve Cowlbeck, Kev cooper, DJ Clarke, Jon Challen, Tim Bulman, Ed Bark, Matt Austin and Belinda Allen!

Rd5 results

Jun 19

Duathlon Results 14th June

Wednesday 14th June, round 6 in the 11 training race season, not only saw the return of the sun but the return to racing of Scunthorpe Triathlon secretary, Lincsquad coach, Curly’s athletes event crew member, fastforward part time marshal and off that coach poster boy (Have a missed anyone?) Jeff Chappill.
Jeff has had to take a year out and focus his training, feeling the time was right to once again put on the trainers and cycle shoes and make his appearance at a duathlon as not just one of the organisers of the results but this time as an athlete.
His preparation started with a steady 5 mile run building from 9 minute mile down to his race pace at just below 5 minutes. Right from the off Jeff set a strong pace turning after the first 1/2 mile just a few seconds in front of Andy Holt who seemed determined to stay on his heels. The pace was just too much for Andy loosing some 10 seconds to Jeff after the mile.
On to the bike which over the years has proved to be Jeff’s nemesis however he has focused his training to improve this area and has had the assistance of a spin class coach (Thursday nights at the Pods 7,30 to 8.30) and has seen massive improvements. He pushed hard however Rich Robinson just getting the edge over Jeff to the turn but then slipped back, Jeff once again showing true strength and determination.
Just the final 2 miles to go and this time a strong challenge from James Nottingham pushed the in form Jeff to the limit until the last 200mtrs when Jeff showed a turn of pace that James just could not stay with.
Jeff not only took the win but beat the long standing course record held jointly by Steve Clark and Jon Frary. 
Race report written by J Chappill.
On a more serious note it has been pointed out that there are increasing numbers doing the return leg of the run on the road. Some have asked permission to do this due to injuries however it seems to be getting a little wide spread. Kate has asked that her result be stricken from the list due to her running back on the road (after sustaining an injury and not wanting to exasperate it). I spoke to her and said that this seemed a little extreme and have agreed to add 2 minutes (far more than the advantage she would have gained) to her final run time.
We understand that the condition of the bank is not the best place to run however the duathlons where built around this course and it becomes unsafe, especially with the numbers we have to run back along the road. We ask that you bare this in mind.

click here for Training Race 6 Results

28th June round 7 will be a handicap and will be started under the handicap start times. A list will be put on the lamppost at the edge of transition, please look for your start time before registering and listen for your name called.

List of dates and venues can be downloaded here – Duathlon 2017 poster

Jun 15

Josh Blackley experiences the Windermere Great North Swim “washing machine”!

So after not swimming for at least 15 years, I decided I would like to give it a go. Somehow I found Lincsquad. (yep the guy who wrote his own sick notes to get out of PE at school joining a tri club??) madness, but anyway, I found everyone very welcoming and friendly.  I headed off down to The Pods on a Sunday afternoon and found the swimming lessons/training sessions brilliant, they really got me going and helped me a lot, as I had never swum freestyle before, only breast stroke as a child.

So the more I swam the more people I spoke to and found out you can swim outside too !!! in lakes etc…

In the meantime, Bel and I decided to go to Windermere walking for a couple of days, bear in mind its winter, we went on a ferry trip, sat with our woolly hats and large jackets on the top deck shivering, when the guy says over the tannoy ‘on your right hand side is where you will find the hotel the great north swim takes place here, where swimmers from all over the country come to take part’. It was at that point I decided right am definitely doing this outside swimming lark.

About a week later and after a bit of investigating on the internet, we find our way to TFN total fitness Nottingham to buy me a wetsuit. I can highly recommend them; they were really helpful.

Impatient as I am, I think I lasted 4 days before I decided that it wasn’t too cold to go swimming outside. Ha-ha down the place that cant be mentioned I went, frost on the ground, Bell stood there (We’re glad you had a safety spotter Josh – David H.)  and must of been thinking ‘what a nutter you should stick to fishing’. In I went into 8 degrees’ water, I had a swim around and was barely able to breath, but I had done it. 2 miles seemed so so far away it was unreal.

Back to the pool I went.

In the meantime, I had some lessons with Steve Clark at Off That Couch Fitness this made a big difference, 1-2-1 sessions in his endless pool, he gave me lots of pointers and tips that helped a lot.,

I swam a few Tuesday sessions at Lincsquads open water swim session at Barton and a few at the authorised open water swimming at Hatfield to get me used to swimming open water.

So on the day we were up at 5am, I packed the car, Bel made the pack up and we set off at 6 am picked my Mum on the way, 3 loo stops about 4 and a half hours and 20 quids worth of motorway services coffee and bacon butties (that’s what happens when you travel with 2 women ha-ha), later we arrived at Windermere around 10,30. I was due to swim at 4 pm. It seemed very quiet, the car parks were empty so I parked in the yachting club car park for £4 for all day bargain!

More coffee for the girls not me can’t stand the stuff. Nice walk round Windermere looking at shops etc….

We had a look at the ferry time tables they had put one on specially for the Great North Swim dropping you off 1-mile south of the start. They were running every 20 mins. We boarded at 11.50a, the weather was perfect, nice and sunny.

We had a nice steady walk up to the start, carrying enough food and drink to feed a army, time for lunch, Bel had made a spectacular pack up for all 3 of us, we munched through that, watching the other swim waves start.  After lunch we had a walk around the swim village, looking at the stalls, listening to everyone’s best sales pitches. Didn’t get me to part with any money though.  Nothing was going to make me swim any better now.

3 pm arrived, right time to get changed in the huge boiling hot tent, I got into my wetsuit only half on as I had about 45 mins to stand about, I’m always mega early for everything, so boiling hot I stood there, 3.30pm I could go acclimatise, so in I went, got my chip scanned, goggles on, swim cap half on, then rip, broke it trying to squeeze it onto my huge head!!, ( just my luck),  so trying to get  another one sorted seemed to take an age.  Finally got it sorted, in for a quick dip, then back into the collection area for a warm up, as if I needed this in the heat!   Off we went jogging waving my arms etc.

Anyway 4.00 pm came and for some reason I decided never swimming in a group before it would be a good idea to be right in the mix, about 30th-40th person in with about another 150 following, big mistake.  Kicked, pushed, barged within 25 yards my goggles were totally steamed up, I couldn’t see anything, so had to go to one side and wash then out with water, then I was on my way.  Lap 1 felt good, tried to pace myself as I knew it would be my longest swim to date.  As we got further out the water seemed really choppy that made it hard work for me.  Had to alter my goggles again, that was a good time to take in the views right out on the lake.

Lap 2 was ok for the first half, but the second half the waves were coming towards me and I took in quite a few mouthfuls of water, which put me off a bit and I was flagging towards the last few hundred metres. The orange buoys didn’t seem to be getting any closer, they did eventually though, I gave it a last push to the line 1 hour 21 mins…. 6 mins slower than I hoped but I can live with that, I was happy I had completed it. It was all a bit of a blur as I was dizzy, the commentator was shouting, people cheering, it was a great atmosphere. Through the timing arch I went off to collect my finishers bag and a pot of noodles, to warm me up, Bel and Mum were waiting for me, both nervous wrecks and happy to see me back.

All in all, a great day, another 1 mile walk to the ferry then back to the hotel for tea.

The morning brought many aches and pains in my back, neck and shoulders but me and Bel decided, well more Bel than I, it was a good idea to go for a run in the rain before breakfast. It was a brill run though, just steady but great views, although we were soaked to the skin.

Nice full English for brekky, well-earned I think, then to the Trafford centre on the way home for some shopping.

Will I do a 5 k event later this year or even start of next year? Yes, I think I will, more training required I think, but well doable.

If it wasn’t for Lincsquad and Steve at Off That Couch Fitness for helping me no end with my swimming, I would have never been able to do it. So thanks a lot to you all.




Jun 13

Hold onto your paddles! It’s a QUADRATHLON race report!!!!

Amanda Clements joins the Quadrathlete honour roll at the recent Dearne Valley Quad event. Heres her story…

Manvers Quadrathlon 11/06/2017 write up

So quite a while ago I entered my first Quadrathlon, the Manvers Quad, fully intending to get some kayak training in before the event.  I then forgot all about it until the day before the Bomber when we took our rickety old kayak down to the Ancholme.  There, after anxiously squeezing myself into the cockpit, I managed a steady paddle of about 500m.  I forgot about Manvers again until the night before the event when I printed off the instructions.  After realizing the whole family would need to be on the road by 6.30 am I decided it was going to be too much hassle and I’d quite like a lie instead.  The event had only cost a grand total of ÂŁ22 for myself and Charlotte so it didn’t matter really.  I set my alarm for 5am though “just in case”. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 10

TT Series 2017 Round 5 results

So the TT season is almost halway though and perhaps due to the weather leading up to this round attendance was a little down on usual numbers.

As usual we had a fantastic response to marshalling meaning the riders taking part had the assurance of support all the way along the route. It also meant no chance to take a sneaky breather – we’ve all done it…. “I’ll just ease off here….oh theres someone coming towards me…I had better put some effort in”. (Confessions of a Slacko 2017)

Mucho gracias to our tt marshals Kerry, Rob, Wal, Anna, Jess, Simon, Jane, Tony and Julia, Mark and Susan.

OK so serious face on.

We will no longer allow riders to skip start times and choose a later start time, if you prefer a later start time join the queue (if there is one) further down. We like to get the event wrapped up and our volunteers released asap rather than hanging around looking at an empty road and appreciate the riders help on this.

Next point is far more important!



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