Aug 16

Drew Hobley IM Maastricht race report

I’m sitting here scratching at the tattoo residue on my arm, reflecting on what can only be described as one of the most special weekends I have experienced. It wasn’t something I’d planned on getting embroiled in, I don’t really like the extended training when I’ve done marathons in the past, and I’m not really sure how I got entered in the first place….

No, I do. David Gibbs. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 16

TT for Two? Round 10 First ever 2up TT for Lincsquad a blowing success.

Wind conditions: “Just blew in from the windy city, the windy city is mighty pretty”

I am currently laying immobile face down on the bed, collating a personal damage report from tonight’s 2 up TT (Lincsquad’s first ever 2 up TT). I teamed up with the Strongman Superhero from Epworth (Mr Woolgar),  more of that later, first could someone please get the pizza out of the oven and feed JC?  Let me wash my face, brush my teeth, artfully mess up my hair into some kind of wind swept beach babe style, look for my favourite Italy T shirt, put on a smiling sociable mask and we will get this report started…. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 14

Duathlon Training Race 10 – report and results

So once again due to circumstances beyond our control the 10th training race went to Normanby Hall country park.

I have this time decided that the write up should start by focus on statistic’s, as I know a lot of our members love their facts and figures and their data collection so: Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 10

Coach Cannings does Ironman Maastricht 2018 and recognises wife.

5th August 2018 07.15am the bank of the river Maas, the start line of Ironman Maastricht : Limburg.

How the chuffing hell did I end up here?

Now regular readers of my race reports will be shouting that I’ve nicked that intro from another one, (those who are also need to get out a little more often!). However, how on earth did I end up doing another Ironman? Back in 2016 when I raced Ironman Barcelona I genuinely thought that it was my one and only long course race and that after that having proved to myself that I was good enough to “go long” I’d settle back to finding some nice interesting half distance races to do. The problem is though that no one tells you, because no one really can, just how brilliant running down that red carpet to hear those words “You Are An Ironman” feels. I loved Barcelona it was a brilliant race a fantastic experience and after a while I realised that I wanted to experience all of that again. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 08

Turner round bright eyes. Marks total eclipse of IM Maastricht

Ironman Maastricht – Race Report

I’m a relative newbie in triathalon terms before doing Brigg Sprint a couple of years ago I had to pop to the Pods prior to entering to see if I could manage 16 lengths of the pool… at the time I considered myself a non-swimmer. As an adult my sporting background comprised of lots of mid tale result running and enjoying a bit of cycling. Read the rest of this entry »

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