May 27

Steve “Old Man” Clark emerges first at Emergency Services tri

Former Lincsquad Chairman, Kona qualifier, First Brit at 2016 Norseman and 2013 European Quadrathlon Champion Steve Clark continued his winning ways with a victory over other Emergency Services workers with a victory in the Sprint Tri at Nottinghams Holme Pierpoint National Water Sport centre.

Steve toyed with the others during the swim and bike section before unleashing a dominant run almost half a minute faster than second place.

Despite Steves advancing years ( 🙂 ) its good to see the fast fireman still representing Lincsquad in the results.


May 25

TT Series 2017 Round 4

It was hot! If every there was a need for the homemade ice cream from the ice cream hut in the car park behind the King William it was that day. Ok so some should ve waited until after they had ridden the 9.8 mile course but you’ve got to fuel the machine right?

Speaking of machines it seems an appropriate time to mention checking your bike and kit!

There have been a few occasions of loose seat posts, broken cleats, binding brakes and loose tri bars. Get your bike checked over guys and make sure its in good nick! Places are decided by seconds and unless you can afford to throw away a round with a DNF following a bad ride due to a mechanical it will affect your average!

Just saying  😉

Lots of PB’s and a couple of first timers this week and numbers continue to grow and just like last week conditions were about as good as we can hope for a British Summer.

Big thanks to our timekeepers and marshals and our hosts Peter and Vida from the King Billy.

Results attached below

Round 4

May 24

Duathlon Results 17th May

Wednesday 17th May was by far the worst weather we have had for one of our training races since the last time we had bad weather.

The soft fair weather trainers stayed at home, this proving to be the majority of the men, with the ladies still turning out in force.

The distance was 2, 15, 1 which is one of the longest training events we put on (for now anyway), saw 35 athletes avoiding not only the big puddles but the cars trying to drench them by racing through the big puddles.

Another great night of training with once again Mark (the i don’t have a motor fitted to my bike, honest) York destroying the competition on the bike, and newbie Kate Webster once again leading the way in the ladies group.

31st of May for training race 5 and the venue is Barton (Deepdale) so bring your hill legs.

Click here for race 4 results

List of dates and venues can be downloaded here – Duathlon 2017 poster

May 06

Duathlon Results 3rd May

The date: Wednesday 3rd May

The venue: Burringham

The weather: Cold and a strong wind leading to tough conditions even for the more seasoned athletes.

The quantity: 62 athletes completed the 2 – 11 -2 handicap challenge.

The quality: once again the quality of the performances was very high and the results reflecting just how tight things are this year and not just at the top of the table but right the way through.

Handicap: this was indeed the charity handicap race, apologies to those who wanted to donate to the charity (we forgot the donation tin) however we will be accepting donations at the next training race (17th May at Burringham). The winners of the handicap will not be announced until the presentation night. There was less than 6 minutes separating the men and only 4 minutes in the ladies results once the handicaps had been applied.

Results: please see the attached (printed version will be available). Should you have any comments or queries relating to the results please contact me direct at (not via the forum).

NOTE: we can confirm that the Barton training race WILL take place this year 31st May 2017 with a slightly later start time of 7pm.

Once again a big thanks to all Marshals (Wayne, Sandra, Vicky, Dawn, Rachel, Chris and Rita) without you guys these events would not be possible.

Also a big thank you to our friends at Lincsquad for posting the results

Click for race 3 results

Apr 23

Duathlon Results 19th April

Wednesday 19th April was the date, Normanby Park industrial estate was the venue with near perfect conditions for the athletes (turning a little chilly for the time keepers).

67 athletes turn out to conquer the slightly more demanding course. With a 0.9mile down hill run to warm up before turning and hitting the 0.9 mile run back up the same hill. On to the bikes for the 12.8 mile ride having to use most of the gears and negotiate some tricky little bends brings you back to the  second 1 mile run, again this has a nice down hill feel but is an out and back.

With only 14 seconds separating the top four places for the men, 11 of the top 12 men running the last mile in sub 7 minutes and 1 minute 20 seconds separating 10th and 25th places this is looking like it could be a difficult year to predict.

12 ladies complete the course with Emma Watts taking the lead, a close fought battle for second and third with Sarah just edging out Vicky. Worth noting is the amazing run times put in by Kerry, with calls from her sister to have her drugs tested.

Just like to say a big thank you once again to our time keepers, Wayne and Tom, Vicky and Sandra.

3rd May back to Burringham for the first of the three handicap races.

Please note the attached are provisional results. If you have any problems or comments (relating to the duathlons) please send them  to and do not post on the forum/ facebook

Click here for race 2 results

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