Sep 26

Ironman Wales by Delyth Williams

Barry, the NHS and my first Ironman

There are certain events in your life time that will stand out forever; your first Ironman is one of those events.

My journey began after watching Ironman Wales in September 2014, I was in awe of how tough the course was, and how hard core the athletes were to even contemplate completing it, I was staying with a friend local to Tenby at the time, so as I jogged home to her house, I started thinking whether or not I could ever do something as crazy as a full Ironman.

A few weeks later and after many hours of witty banter from the Welsh contingent, of why Ironman Wales was for me, I found myself signing up for Ironman Wales 2015. I remember the “morning after the night before” vividly, had I really signed up for Ironman Wales last night? I wasn’t even drunk, what have I done! Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 14

Helvellen Triathlon Race Report by Phil Gibbs.

The last time I wrote a race report was for Wetherby Olympic Tri in 2012 so after a prompt from Dave Hinch I thought it was time I got my typing finger out! The other reason is to let you guys know about a truly great event that should really feature on your bucket list. Grab yourself a cuppa, it’s a long read. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 10

The Sundowner Half Ironman.

The relevance of the name ‘Sundowner’ probably needs more explanation to those that haven’t done this race before. Most races involve setting your alarm clock and rushing, still bleary eyed to race briefing for 07:30.

Not this one! This race starts at the more friendly hour of midday. This is great for getting your kit and race prep down to the finest detail but aren’t you just prolonging the inevitable………….. The fact you have an Half Ironman to do before the Sun comes down? Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 09

Final Go Ride of the Season – 6th September 2015, Glanford Park

The 6th and final Go Ride race was held as part of the Lincolnshire’s Strongest Men and Women competition at Glanford Park and again we were lucky with the weather

Link to full report, times and photos in the Youth News Section

Aug 29

England result at Holme (Pierpoint) – Team Relays Race Report

It all started when Tony said ‘how do you fancy a weekend in Nottingham in August?’ oh yes I thought, it’s a great place for shopping ‘it’s the National Triathlon relay weekend and Ollie is organising teams from Lincsquad. We can all camp together, it’ll be a brilliant weekend’ Camping?? Triathlon?? Camping?? I don’t know what scared me the most… Read the rest of this entry »

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