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Youth shine at Quibell Park

Track Cycling

The Youth Academy have had another excellent weekend’s racing starting with an Omnium at Quibell Park, this year’s first track meeting for our riders.

It was a cracking sunny day which meant the racing was pretty tough. Simon, Torin, Louise and Max all had good days, Louise with her typical hard working never give up attitude finishing 5th in the girls. Max riding probably the best race day he’s ever done, with some real quality sprinting, this is his first year as an under 14 and if he carries on in this way then things will come good later in the year.

The Youth A under 16’s was a really tough group, Simon started well by winning the 500m time trial, Torin battled in the sprints which are never his best events. The final distance race saw some brilliant team riding by Torin and Simon which secured Simon a richly deserved 2nd place overall for the day.

Sunday was back to Thoresby Hall for the last of the series of races there. Max, Louise and Will rode a tough Youth B (under 14’s race) which was again stacked with talent. All three of them did their club shirts proud, Max finishing 15th with Louise and Will 17th and 18th, all of them show a real determination and hard work. Youth racing is a really tough arena and they all get stuck in and never give up even when things really start to hurt.

Simon and Torin had a real battle in the Youth A race where the field was of a really high quality as this was a regional selection race for the East Midlands Road Team. The pace was pretty relentless and the attacks started firing off even before the proper end of the neutralised zone, as it was said to me “it’s proper tough this youth stuff”! Simon finished a brilliant 13th with Torin just squeezing into the top 20 despite riding the last 5 laps with what looks like it may be a broken toe.

A special thanks on behalf of Torin for all the help he received for the cake stall we ran on Sunday, it’s very much appreciated and he’s getting closer to the £2000 needed for Sweden.

Good Friday Night Ride


On Good Friday at 10pm seven Lincsquad members headed off from Brigg for a night cycle. Instinctively  the group headed off to the Humber Bridge via Elsham and down the A15. The pace soon picked up and we were going through and off at nearly 40mph when I clashed with Dunc coming round the outside to overtake everyone, however somehow we managed to remain upright!!

We stopped on the Humber Bridge to decide on the route for the evening and after a short discussion it was decided to head towards Spurn Point again.

The pace eased as we discovered the wonderful sights and sounds of both Hessle and Hull with everything from cheers, claps and the silky white bottom of a female flasher who some might describe as a 13 pinter!

Once we left the razzle dazzle of Hull the pace soon started to pick up again with each village sign being aggressively fought over. Even the odd long distant solo breaks to ensure victory and the odd distraction techniques that any cold war spy would be proud of!

We stopped for a quick refuel at Easington and nearly called into the local pub, the Marquis Of Granby for a swift half. Nearly! That is if we had been local maybe!!! It was 2am!

So back we headed towards Withernsea with the brisky and risky pace soon returning all the way back to Hull. In the distance near to Hull the bright lights of a BP garage beckoned with the promise of a hot cuppa…. NO!!!! it was shut…
On we rode with yet another garage in sight, this time success and coffees all round. Stenno even treated us all to some cookies, what more do you need.

Then the final stint and off for the Humber Bridge we headed with a “not so shortcut” being taken by me and losing everybody!!! Mr Binch gave me a call on the moby and advised me off my error and said I best get my head down as they were already on the bridge… BUGGER!!

Once off the bridge it was yet another hard session with the group splintering all over the shot and then coming back together again at the turn on the A15 for Wrawby.

Flying down Elsham hill we were greeted with the sight of five cyclists heading up the hill, and the time 3:45am! So we are not the only nutters!!!

“BADGER!” was the scream, WTF!!!! Was it dead, alive??? Was that a speedhump?

Only a mile to go, yes just one mile!!!

CRASH!!! WTF!!!, me and Dunc turned to see Dobber skittling his way down the cyclepath having not seen the kurb sticking out in the middle!!! Ouch Ouch…… then we saw Mr Hinch do a technical dismount that any Olympic Gymnast would be proud of, however he got the last bit wrong and instead of landing on his two feet with his hands outstretched he broke his fall with his head & shoulders (no not the shampoo!).

The shine was taken off the evening a little but both Dobber and Hinchy rode the final mile and hopefully their bruising wont last too long.

So thanks guys, it was Epic

  • Phil Binch
  • Steven Dolby
  • Paul Carvill (me)
  • Dave Hinch
  • Rick Stenton
  • Duncan Wright
  • Rob Wood

Oulten Duathlon

Carl Gac

Today saw me traveling over the pennines to Oulten park race track. A little different to other duathlons, and one which i could not stop thinking about having a go at.

The race consisted of a 2 lap run at 8.62K, a 9 lap bike at 38.8K and a 4.31K final run 1 lap, all on the race track. After the poor conditions at Clumber Park I was hoping for the sun to shine, and shine it did after an early shower the race started half hour late in near perfect conditions.
The race started with a mass start, sprint and standard together. As normal I started pretty steady picking it up a little through the race, checking out all the corners for the 9lap bike leg later.
Onto the bike now, this looks fast, Wonder what Jenson Button would think of this course ! I Was overtaking quite a few competitors, going pretty well, After my lesson at Clumber Park hopfully a fading memory now, I held back a little saving myself for later. Timing the first lap I had a near idea I would complete the 9 laps at just over the hour, well that’s my way and it worked.
After a good transition and with my legs feeling heavy I dragged myself round half decently, with about 15 or so athletes overtaking me before the finish, I was well pleased to break 2 hours.


  • Run 8.62k 36.06
  • T1. 0.55
  • Bike 38.8k 1.02.41
  • T2. 0.51
  • Run 4.31k 18.14

Overall 1.58.50

8th age group
Think in top 50 overall

Great race, no potholes, no traffic, just a bit different, there’s another in the Autumn.

Have to wait to see how far off this age group qualifying thingy i am fingers grossed, hoping to have a holiday in Spain if I qualify.

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