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Club Contacts

Jeff Chappill – Chair

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Bio: I first joined the club the same year as the Dinosaurs became extinct or that’s what some would say.My first involvement was as a Cycle coach down at Quibell Park for the Youth academy. A few years later the Triathlon bug struck so rather than race I took what I thought would be the easier option and became a level two coach. Eight years on and I can still occasionally be found taking the odd run and swim session. I feel the club is in a great place with a great committee and amazing coaches driving the training sessions forward. With The World Quadrathlon Championships and the ever popular Brigg sprint we will be once again putting the name of LincsQuad on the big stage.

Club Secretary  – Julie England
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Bio: I wanted to be a coach because I thought it would be great to get involved with the club more and give something back and the secretary role builds further on this. Cheesy response I know but the truth. I’d like to encourage more members to come to our sessions and not just be a faceless member. We don’t bite!

Treasurer – Claire Hobley
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Bio: I have been a family member of Lincsquad for a few years along with my hubby (who is a coach for the club) and my young daughter.

I swam regularly as a youngster but hadn’t done any sport until I took up ‘running’ to get a bit fitter. It was a few years before I was brave enough to join a club, but I needn’t have worried as Lincsquad gave me a very warm welcome and I was soon keeping up with others at the Quibell running sessions. So with the swim and the run coming along, it really made sense to get on a bike and give triathlons a go. I completed my first race 3 years ago and found myself entering more events every year. I’m always looking forward to the next challenge and can guarantee there will be a friendly bunch of Squadders to cheer me and fellow competitors along.

You’ll normally be able to find me at most of the coached sessions, either taking part or spectating, so feel free to come and have a chat.

Catherine Butterill – Coaching Secretary
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Bio: I joined Lincsquad in 2014 with my husband Roo and our two sons. My main reason to join was I had started running in 2013 but found it hard to get out the door alone and our children were too small for us both to go together. I’m not a fan of racing as I get into a panic but completed my first triathlon at the Keyo Brigg Sprint in 2018 and what club encouragement I got! It was amazing, so who knows what the future holds. I’m hoping that I can deliver what the club needs as a coaching secretary and look forward to 2019 in the club. Please come and have a chat with me, I’m usually quite loud and at many sessions so should be easily found, or send me a message and I’ll come find you

Membership Secretary – Angelia Barker

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Bio: to follow

Donna Chappill – Events/Race Secretary 
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Bio: I first joined Lincsquad in 2013 basically to spend time with my husband who coaches for the club, otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen much of him. I’ve always enjoyed sports and I have a background in coaching with UKA.  I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and also qualified to coach Indoor cycling, circuits, boxercise plus Gym Instruction.  Whilst enjoying the training sessions with Lincsquad, I became interested in becoming a BTF coach and are now one of the Level 2 coaches within the club.
I’ve participated in all the events that this club offers, so I know how it feels from both sides.  In my role as Race Secretary, I find this knowledge invaluable.  It helps me concentrate on what is best for our athletes and the standard of events they into. I’m always around training or coaching,  come say hi.

Pam Challen – TT Secretary
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Bio: Hi, I’m Pam Challen, Lincsquadder and TT secretary.  In my role as TT secretary I organise LincsQuad’s TT series aided and abetted by my trusty sidekick Jon. I am passionate about all forms of bicycle racing.

Nigel Smaller – Youth Chair
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Bio: I first became involved with the club in late 2013 when following the Tata Kids of Steel triathlon my daughter was smitten by the sport and subsequently joined Lincsquad to continue and progress the disciplines.

In such a short space of time I have seen the club grow in numbers and as chair for the Youth Academy I look forward to building on the work of my predecessors in developing the club and sport for our young members to reach their potential.

Club Coaches

Jeff ChappillHead Coach BTF;  BTF Level 2, BC Level 2
Steve CanningsHead Coach British Cycling ; BC Level 2
Donna ChappillBTF Level 2
Pete ChappillBTF Level 2, BC Level 2
Amanda ClementsBC Level 2
Mark ClementsBC Level 2
Pete ConnellyBTF Level 2
Julie EnglandBTF Level 2
Ric LongcakeBTF Level 2
Michael OgleBC Level 2
Ed SmithBC Level 2
Mark TurnerBC Level 2
Roo ButterillBTF Level 1
Tony EnglandBTF Level 1
Drew HobleyBTF Level 1
Jane TaylorBTF Level 1

Supporting Roles

Welfare Officer – Claire West

If any youth member, parent or adult has a welfare issue that they would like to discuss or indeed just someone other than a coach to talk matters over. Please contact Claire by telephone or email

Telephone: 07530524857

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Camilla Morgan – Media Officer
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Bio: I was challenged by a couple of friends to do my first triathlon, Brigg Sprint. I had very little experience of swimming and I hadn’t been on a bike for many years. As I never do things by half, I threw myself into training and I had a wonderful experience on the day, that’s how I caught “the bug”. I met some wonderful LincsQuad members on the day and a few months later I joined the club. It’s a great place to train, meet like minded people and enjoy all sports in a relaxed environment.