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Aug 11

Duathlon Results 9th August

Wednesday the 9th August was the 10th training race in the series, just one more to go and yet another season draws to a close. 38 competitors completing the 1, 14, 1. With 21 already qualifying for the series and a further 14 needing the last race to get the 7 in. The series is …

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Jul 28

Duathlon Results 26th July

Wednesday 26th July 2017 was the night the Duathlon weather Gods pulled out all the stops with the rain stopping the minute the Gazebo went up to the minute it was put away. 44 athletes started (with one having to pull out with a mechanical issue). Once again we must ask that all of those …

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Jul 18

Duathlon Results 12th July

Wednesday 12th July gave birth to round 8 of the Scunthorpe Triathlon clubs Duathlon series training races, yes that’s right only three left. 48 keen competitors signed on ready for the 1.89 mile run up and down the hill connecting the Flixborough industrial estate to the Orbital road, the 12.8 mile ride (proving to be …

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Jun 30

Duathlon Results 28th June

Wednesday 28th June was possibly the worst conditions we had seen for a Duathlon in a long time. We still had 24 brave (fools) athletes turn out for training race 7 of the 11 training race series. This was supposed to be run as a handicap start but due to numbers and the conditions we …

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Jun 19

Duathlon Results 14th June

Wednesday 14th June, round 6 in the 11 training race season, not only saw the return of the sun but the return to racing of Scunthorpe Triathlon secretary, Lincsquad coach, Curly’s athletes event crew member, fastforward part time marshal and off that coach poster boy (Have a missed anyone?) Jeff Chappill.

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