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Aug 11

Duathlon Results 9th August

Wednesday the 9th August was the 10th training race in the series, just one more to go and yet another season draws to a close. 38 competitors completing the 1, 14, 1. With 21 already qualifying for the series and a further 14 needing the last race to get the 7 in. The series is …

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Aug 03

TT Series Round 9 – Its Pro time!

Round 9 had 23 riders show up for the LSQ10/2 course starting from the King William pub and condition were……good…ish! A slight chance of rain being the only spoiler with no one agreeing (as usual) which way the wind was blowing!

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Jul 28

Duathlon Results 26th July

Wednesday 26th July 2017 was the night the Duathlon weather Gods pulled out all the stops with the rain stopping the minute the Gazebo went up to the minute it was put away. 44 athletes started (with one having to pull out with a mechanical issue). Once again we must ask that all of those …

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Jul 21

TT Series Round 8 Legs of Steel

Ten warriors attended the annual legs of steel challenge on the Scunthorpe Road club hill climb course at Burton Stather. The entry list shows a good selection of riders with Lincsquadders, Waifs and Strays (53/11), youth riders, first timers and old timers attempting the 0.3mile course. It still hurts….just not for as long 😉 Big …

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Jul 18

Who Drew Hobley Port-a-loo short straw at Steelman?

Steelman Race Report Following a pleasant drive up the A1 on Friday afternoon, Team Hobley had high hopes for the weekend. The first team activities started shortly after arrival as tents and the event shelter were erected, the barbecues were then lit just as the first rains of the evening began to fall. We soon …

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