Bomber 2018 Race Information

Keyo Brigg Bomber National Championship Quadrathlon

May 27th 2018

The purpose of this pre-race information is to ensure that you have all the necessary information prior to race day in order to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible, if you do have any questions prior to race day please email or post on our forum.
Registration will only be open on race day, Sunday from 6:30am to 7:30am in Brigg Leisure Centre , there will be a mandatory race briefing for all competitors 08:05am in transition.

You will be issued with 2 race numbers (relay teams will be issued with 3 numbers for kayak, bike & run athletes), you must ensure that your bib number is visible from the back for the kayak & bike section, and visible on your front for the run section (race belts are allowed). You will also have your race number written on your upper arms & legs. You will also be issued with numbered stickers to be placed on your cycle, helmet & paddle. The vinyl sticker provided should be placed on your kayak. You will also have a security band placed around your wrist; you will not be allowed to enter transition without showing this band to security. Relay teams will also receive a band which is your “relay baton”.

Place your stickers on bike, helmet & paddle BEFORE entering transition. Your bike must be racked BEFORE 8am.

Please place your kayak (with vinyl number at the kayak start on the river bank behind the front car park at the leisure centre as per the instruction from the kayak marshal. Paddles & buoyancy aids (if applicable – see kayak section) are to be kept in transition.

All competitors (solo, team & corporate) will start at 8:30am.

Please prepare yourself by entering the water to acclimatise & warming up at least 5 minutes before the start.


Relay teams

Relay changeovers will take place in the designated “relay tag pen” in the transition area.

On entering transition through the IN gate, relay members will proceed directly to the “relay tag pen”, where they will pass a band (issued in the registration pack) to their team mate who will then for;

  • Swim to Kayak handover: call at their numbered racking to collect paddle & buoyancy jacket before OUT gate
  • Kayak to Bike handover: call at their numbered racking to collect bike & helmet before OUT gate
  • Bike to Run handover they can go straight to the OUT gate

Please take care for other competitors when entering & exiting the “relay tag pen” area.

Race Routes

The race routes are well signed and marshalled, the race briefing will be focused on rules & safety reminders, it is therefore important that you have an understanding of the route as this will not be discussed in the race briefing.

Swim 1500m

The River Ancholme – wetsuits are mandatory. The swim start is behind the leisure centre at the kayak disabled access ramp. The swim is up stream (keeping to the LEFT) to the railway bridge, turn at the buoy and return (keeping to your LEFT) to the leisure centre. Exit at the disabled access ramp (it is extremely unlikely that kayakers will be returning whilst you are still swimming, however if this is not the case, marshals will guide you to a safe exit just before the disabled access ramp), a short run across the grass (taking care for approaching runners heading from T1 to their kayaks), around the side of the transition area and into transition through the “IN” gate.

Kayak 7K

The River Ancholme – Remove your wetsuit, collect your paddle & buoyancy aid in transition, and exit through the OUT gate around the leisure centre to your kayak.

Entry points for the kayak leg will be clearly marked. Head down stream under the bridge keeping to your RIGHT as per usual waterways convention, you will also pass under the motorway bridge and another bridge, after 3.5km a Lincsquad flag & marshal will indicate your turn point (you must shout your number to the marshal on turning). Return to the leisure centre and exit at the disabled access ramp as you did for the swim exit. In the unlikely event swimmers are still present please give them room, marshals will be present to warn you. Follow the identical route you followed for the swim exit to the transition IN gate.

Cycle 36K

Brigg – Hibaldstow – Redbourne – Waddingham loop & return

Fasten your helmet before re-moving your bike from the racking, exit transition and mount your bike AFTER the mount line, ride out of the leisure centre taking great care as you turn left onto the main road out of the leisure centre, follow the signs directing you around the bike course, a marshal will be placed at the furthest location to ensure all competitors complete the full course. (Please shout out your race number on this left turn).

All competitors are required to adhere to the Highway Code to ensure their own and other road user’s safety. Take extreme care at the level crossing between Brigg & Hibaldstow, if the barrier warning sounds you MUST stop and wait, a marshal will be present to make a note of any time lost, also take extra care at the right turn in Waddingham, a marshal will be present but is it your responsibility to follow the highway code. Marshalls are present to warn and ensure safety of all road users NOT to stop traffic.

On return into Brigg go straight past the leisure centre into Brigg, around the Tesco roundabout and return to the leisure centre, taking care & slowing down turning left into the leisure centre, continue up to the dismount line, then run to transition with your bike through the IN gate, rack your bike before removing your helmet.
Please take care at all roundabouts and remember you are responsible for your own safety

Run 10km – 2 laps

Brigg – Cadney – Brigg

Exit the transition area through the OUT gate, run towards the river, then turn left and run along the riverbank, through the fence as directed. Turn right onto Bridge Street keeping to the right hand side footpath. Continue on the footpath for 1/3 mile until you reach the market place, keep to the right, past the bandstand, and take the right fork in the pedestrian area. At the end of the pedestrian area a marshal will direct you to turn right. Please take care as you turn, the path is narrow and there may be oncoming traffic. Continue on right hand side of the road along Cadney Road, following the river bank until it bends left away from the river. Continue along the road, keeping to your right so that you can see any oncoming traffic, at the turn point will be a water station where you will shout your race number to the marshal, turn safely and return to Brigg leisure centre reversing the route, again keep to your right so that you can see oncoming traffic. At the Leisure centre run into the main entrance and along the car park as directed collecting a wrist band.

Repeat the lap!

On completion of the SECOND lap turn right off the car park and run back along the bank to the finish.


Swim Route

Kayak Route

Cycle routee

Run Route


Prizes and presentation

Presentation will be held under the Lincsquad Starshade at approximately 12:45pm.
(If weather conditions are poor the presentation will take place inside the leisure centre main hall).

There will be presentations for all age groups in the National Championships.


All competitors, marshals & supporters are invited to the “T-Shirt tour” on Sunday evening. Come along have a few drinks on bank holiday weekend. Meet in the Nelthorpe Arms, just before the bridge & pedestrian area near the Market Place, Brigg (post code DN20 8LN) from 1900hrs.


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The Lincsquad committee has worked extremely hard to ensure that the race is a success; please do all you can to assist us on the day. Looking forward to seeing you on the day, have a safe and great race.

Finally, thank you to all our sponsors for their support and contribution.

Best regards and have a good race.