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Sept – Keyo Brigg Sprint Tri 2019

sprint triKeyo Brigg Sprint Triathlon – 29th Sept 2019

The Keyo Brigg Sprint Triathlon is organised by Lincsquad and consists of a 400 metre pool swim (16 lengths) in the Ancholme Leisure Centre’s 25 metre pool followed by a 20km road cycle and finishing with a 5km road run.

The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced triathletes and newcomers to the sport.

Lincsquad are also pleased to provide limited spaces for team entries of which two formats will be available.

  • a Youth Team made up of a minimum 3 person team.
  • a Family Team which comprises at least 1 youth and a minimum of 3 people. In the spirit of the race, the term family is a group consisting of parents and their children.

The following age restrictions (all as of the 31/12/19) apply:

  • Swimmers must at least 9 years old
  • Cyclist must be at least 15 years old
  • Runners must be at least 15 years old
  • All youth athletes must be 17 or under to qualify

In accordance with the BTF competition rules the distances for all relay teams are; swim 200m,  road cycle 20km and road run 5km.

The cost will be £20 per team plus fees and BTF licence costs.

Sponsored by the Lincsquad Youth Academy, cups will be awarded to the first placed Youth and Family teams.


The Triathlon has been well received by the local community, businesses and a team of volunteers.

Please remember to show respect for all marshals as they are volunteers and without them it would not be possible for the event to take place, a simple thank you post race is very much appreciated. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer then please contact one of the committee members, see contacts page

Brigg Sprint Triathlon is organised & raced under British Triathlon Federation rules & regulations BTF Rule Book

Enquires should be made via events@lincsquad.co.uk



The event will start at 8am with competitors being set off in waves. Allocated starting times will be emailed to each competitor the week of the race.

Note all competitor bikes must be racked before the race starts.

All triathletes must read this information pack prior to race weekend

For detailed information about taking part in the event, download the RACE-INFORMATION-SEPT-2019

As an entrant to this event your information may be shared on the event or club website, social media pages or in emails sent by or on behalf of the club. This data will only be shared in relation to your participation in the event, e.g. the list of entrants, results or event reports. This data will be limited to your name, town, nationality, gender, age, age category, the name of the affiliated club or team of which you are a member and your finishing time and/or position.


Race entry is open



Competitor Withdrawal
If for any reason “the applicants“ who have already successfully entered an event find themselves unable to race and wish to withdraw from the event, the applicant must inform the event organizer in writing.

This must be done initially via e-mail to the organiser. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their request has been received.

Applicants who withdraw from the event up to 2 weeks prior to the event will receive a credit note for 50% of the original entry value.

Please note the swapping of entries between competitors is strictly forbidden as it invalidates insurances undertaken by the promoters to cover the event. Athletes found to have passed or taken up another competitors entry will not be allowed to take part in the event and no refund or credit note will be issued.

Applicants notifying the organisers of their wish to withdraw from an event within 2 weeks of the event or not attending the race will not receive any form of refund/credit.


Race Winners History

  • 2018 Steve Clark           57:01   Tina Wilson          1:02:46
  • 2017 Finley Thompson 53:45    Amy Grocock      1:02:40
  • 2016 Nick Martin            55:19    Amy Grocock      1:02:11
  • 2015 Ben Baugh            54:44    Lauren York        1:04:57
  • 2014 Joshua Jones       54:05    Lauren York        1:02:26
  • 2013 Joshua Jones       54:55    Lauren York        1:03:27
  • 2012  Kevin Dawson     55:07    Jessica Fox         1:08:08
  • 2011 Stephen Lormor   56:29    Jo Walker                59:15
  • 2010 Steve Clark           55:01    Lauren York         1:03:37
  • 2009 Ian Burkinshaw    54:48    Jo Walker             1:01:20
  • 2008 Steve Clark           52:55    Melanie Hayward  55:37


2018 Results

2017 Results

2016 Results

2015 Results

2013 Results



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  1. Kate Kelly


    When and how can I enter the Brigg tri?

    Many thanks,

    Kate Kelly

    1. lincsquad.co.uk

      Hi Kate

      If you look on our website home page, on the right hand side half way down is a section called “Lincsquad Website” there is a link to the sprint tri details there and a little further down the menu is the “online entry”


      1. Tom Fin

        Hi Phil,
        Trying to sign up for Brigg tri, keep getting the following message when I press Pay:
        “Error MessagePayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller’s website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.”
        Any help much appreciated?
        Thank you.


  2. Charlie


    I have never entered a tri before, for the online entry there is a box that says ‘estimated time’-can you tell me is this your estimated time for the swim?

    1. Paul Carvill

      Hi Charlie,

      Yes this is for your swim time, don’t worry too much about being accurate. The main reason we have this is because with it being a pool swim we try and keep swimmers of similar speeds together so it reduces the amount of passing etc.

      Hope that helps.


  3. Charlie

    Thanks, I’ll get entered then!


  4. Paul Ridpath

    Sent my cheque off Friday 19th September for Brigg Sprint Triathlon 25/09/11. Can you confirm that you have received my cheque. Or should I have paid online. Thanks.

    Paul Ridpath

    1. lincsquad.co.uk

      Hi Paul, yes ive received your cheque, just updating the entry list now

      1. Paul Ridpath

        Hi Phil,

        When are the start times coming out for the Brigg Sprint Triathlon on 25 Sept 2011.


  5. joanne padley

    Just signed up and paid via paypal but there was no box for date of birth, or name, just swim time. How do I know if I have a place in the triathlon? And Don’t you need my date of birth to put me in the correct age group? Also is an event map available or an info pack?

    Regards, Joanne Padley

  6. Paul Carvill

    Joanne, Have just replied via email.

  7. Paul Noble

    Hi, is it possible to check if I managed to get an entry in in time! I’d sent a form/cheque last week but with the website saying entries are full just need to know if I sneaked in before then….if not I’ll have to go and do Doncaster instead so fingers crossed!


    1. lincsquad.co.uk

      Hi Paul, I sent you an email when I received your entry after entries had closed to let you know we had received it but we were seeking authority to increase numbers. Hopefully will be able to confirm your entry this afternoon.

      1. lincsquad.co.uk

        entry confirmed, I have sent you an email also

  8. Bill Davies


    Is there any chance of a late entry if someone else drops out?


    1. lincsquad.co.uk

      Hi Bill, I have had a few withdrawels & therefore have a few places available.

      If you still want to enter please email me (treasurer@Lincsquad.co.uk) with your name, dob, club (if applic), BTF number (if applic) and swim time then forward a postal entry with entry fee to me (address is on entry form) straight away.


  9. Kathy Palmer

    Please can you let me know when and how I will receive my start time details for 25th Sept. Many thanks

    1. lincsquad.co.uk

      Hi Kathy

      Start times will be published on our website & emailed to all competitors early next week.

  10. Pete Walton

    Is it ok to arrive for registration at 8am on sunday…? I’m struggling to get there for 7.30….???

    1. lincsquad.co.uk

      Sorry but registration will close at 7:30am on sunday as the people running registration will be moving on to other jobs, there is also a race briefing at 7:30am which all competitors must attend

      You can register between 5pm & 6pm on saturday also.

  11. Adam

    Is there an age limit?
    Are there bikes available for hire?

  12. Paul Ridpath

    Trying to enter your Sprint Traithlon Sept 2015 – struggling click on enter here – get diverted but no entry form.

    Can you advise is the event open yet for entries. Cheers

    1. David Hinch

      Hi Paul the link directs you to the ItsYourRace site which is our entry system for Lincsquad races and contain all the information. Contact me at Events@Lincsquad.co.uk and we’ll sort it out.

  13. Debie Fischer


    My friend has been entered into your triathlon as a birthday gift by her sister, who is also participating. We did our first triathlon at Driffield in May and she asked if I would do it with her (as her sister is much more experienced, and faster!).

    I have just looked on the website and it is full. Do you have a reserve list at all? If so, could I be put on it?

    Thanks and kind regards

    Debbie Fischer
    Sent from my lovely iPad!

    1. David Hinch

      Sorry Debbie there is no reserve list.

  14. Ian Flower

    Hi, I would really like to take part in the sprint tri, but it appears that it is full, will there be any opportunities to enter on the day due to people dropping out?



    1. David Hinch

      Sorry Ian there is no reserve list.

  15. Ben

    Two things:

    1 – When will you be sending out the start times please?

    2 – It states in the race pack that non BTF members will be required to purchase a day licence for £5 on the day but i seem to recall (even though it was a while back when i entered) that the price was already greater for non BTF members to enter, was this not meant to include the price of the day licence?



    1. David Hinch

      Hi Ben, start times are now out.
      You are correct the £5 for a day licence for Non BTF members is included at entry. The race instructions refer to athletes who dont produce a current BTF membership card after claiming the discounted entry must pay the Day Membership fee.

  16. andy reilly

    We sent a message through this website with revised swim times a few weeks ago. can you confirm that you received the message and that we are swimming at the appropriate start time

    Andrew Reilly- 9mins 30secs
    Colleen Parrott- 7mins


    1. David Hinch

      Hi Andy. Yes we reviewed all revised start time requests and adjusted as required. However there still may be mismatches in swim speeds in the lane so swimmers will need to be aware of faster/slower swimmers and respond appropriately.

      1. andy reilly

        Ok. Thanks for your response, we are very much looking forward to Sunday!

  17. Jo Clark


    I have just read the brigg sprint tri 2015 start time list and you have got my name down as Jo Clak. Can this please be changed as my name is Jo Clark, not Clak. My Race no is 202, start time 8:28 lane 2.

    Many thanks


    1. David Hinch

      Sorry Jo, sometimes typos creep in. We’ll try to make sure its sorted for the results!

  18. Ben

    Thanks for clarifying that.

  19. Amy Hardy


    Is it too late to enter the brigg sprint 2016?

    1. David Hinch

      Sorry Amy this popular event fills up a few weeks prior to the race.

  20. Laura willsmore


    First time at a triathlon, is it essential to wear a tri suit or do some people get changed after the swim?

    1. YouthChair

      It is not essential to wear a trisuit, for those who do not have these most will place shorts and tshirt over their swimsuits within the transition area.
      Hope that helps

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