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June – Quadrathlon Workshop and Quadkidz Event

Lincsquad are pleased to announce that it will be hosting a weekend of quadrathlon on the 16th and 17th of June 2018.

In association with the British Quadrathlon Association this new event is aimed at developing and encouraging more participants into the sport.

On Saturday the 16th of June there will be coach led workshops (itinerary below)  for cycling, kayaking, running, swimming and transition. These will cover all the basics and will not be a major physical workout due to the fact that on Sunday 17th June there will a Quadkidz event.

The workshop is open to all ages from 9 years old through to Adults priced at £20. Lincsquad members can claima reduced price of £17.50. Note: All ages on this page are as of the 31st December 2018

The Quadkidz event, for ages 9 to 18, is part of a trio of events that along with Manvers and Box End will provide all those that take part points towards the overall BQA british youth championship series*. The cost per entry is £12.

Off road bikes will be needed for the weekend.

We will hosting the event at the North Lincolnshire and Humberside sailing club in Barton which has close links to the major road networks.

Given this is a two day event we have arranged a designated small camping area, there will be no charge for this but you will need to book. The venue offers use of all the facilities; showers, toilets, fully fitted kitchen, dinning room. If you wish to stay overnight please use the booking system following the link below. Sorry no caravans allowed. Tents and motorhomes only.

There are available to hire canoes which are NOT race canoes but training craft and are very stable; they do not cater for adults or long legs. We have some K1 type race boats also available for the more proficient. Hire charge of £1/day, which includes paddle and buoyancy aide apply

There will be a supply of Xbikes and MTBs for hire at £1/day but the sizes do not cater for smaller riders.

Please contact youthevents@lincsquad.co.uk if you would like more information or to reserve.


To book your place(s) at the workshop and/or camping pitch click here

To enter the Quadkidz event click here

To visit the British Quadrathlon 2018 events page, click here

* Overall Winners must be ‘BQA QuadKidz’ members: membership for the year. £7 individual child or £5 per child if parent is a BQA Member

Outline Workshop Itinerary – 16th June

(activities may be subject to minor change)

Time Workshop Activity includes
0900 Registration, complete parental consents.
  • Confirm hire equipment needs.
1000 Site safety brief and familiarisation tour.



  • Removal/replacement of front and back wheels
  • Roadside repair of puncture
  • Gear restrictions, how to do for age
  • In depth “M” and clothing checks
  • Cycle care/cleaning and fitting (basic seat/bar height adjustments, pedal changes)
  • Familiarisation ride of age group event course
1230 Run & Transition
  • Route familiarisation, around the lake perimeter and access road, possibly Humber bank
  • Transition methods
  • Bike racking/un-rack
  • Space management, include kayak equipment
  • Helmet rules
  • Mount/dis-mount line
  • Barefoot running
  • Bike pushing
  • Pedal/shoe combinations
1330 Lunch
1415 Kayak
  • Setting up craft, paddle, and buoyancy aid
  • Cleaning
  • Carrying
  • Entering craft/water
  • Paddle straight/turn/stop
  • Exiting
  • Transition management



  • Fitting wetsuit, glide, talc, goggles and hat
  • Dry land warm up
  • Water entry methods
  • Acclimatisation and water warm up
  • Starts, deep, shallow, beach
  • Turns
  • Drafting/group swimming
  • Exits
  • Removing wetsuit
  • Emergency procedure



  • Be able to recognize food sources of Carbohydrates, protein, Lipids, and vitamins
  • Understand the healthy eating plate and portion sizes
  • Energy in v Energy out, how to balance the two
  • Effort awareness and the different energy requirements
  • Importance of proper recovery and sleep
1800 Workshop closes
2200 No loud noise from 22:00hrs