Jul 18

Who Drew Hobley Port-a-loo short straw at Steelman?

Steelman Race Report

Following a pleasant drive up the A1 on Friday afternoon, Team Hobley had high hopes for the weekend. The first team activities started shortly after arrival as tents and the event shelter were erected, the barbecues were then lit just as the first rains of the evening began to fall. We soon relocated the barbecues underneath the event shelter trying to keep as dry as possible while the rains fell. A mass weather check ensued as everyone looked on various apps and websites to see when and if the rain was going to stop… it didn’t. Not until we’d gone to bed anyway. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 18

Duathlon Results 12th July

Wednesday 12th July gave birth to round 8 of the Scunthorpe Triathlon clubs Duathlon series training races, yes that’s right only three left.

48 keen competitors signed on ready for the 1.89 mile run up and down the hill connecting the Flixborough industrial estate to the Orbital road, the 12.8 mile ride (proving to be popular with competitors as it is slightly more technical than the Burringham routes) with a 1 mile (exactly) run to complete the event.

All the entries completed the course in what turned out to be nearly perfect weather conditions.

There was some confusion as to the ride course as some may have turned at the first roundabout not the second (if you are one of those then please let me know and I will adjust your time).

With regards to the Series we already have 12 people who have completed the required 7 with 5 of them actually having done all 8. The series it’s self is still wide open (possibly the closest I have known it) with the last three training races going to make all the difference to both the Ladies and the Gents.


Revision notice issued on behalf of Jeff Chappill

It has been pointed out that the second version of the results showed more than just the results.  Could I ask if you downloaded this copy you delete it from computer / phones or wherever as it contained personal information.

I must apologies for this oversight on my behalf and take full responsibility for the error. I have changed the sheets around so this cannot reoccur.

I have asked for the incorrect attachment to be removed from the Lincsquad website (which was done immediately) and the correct copy published.


Click here to view Training race 8 results

List of dates and venues can be downloaded here – Duathlon 2017 poster

Jul 13

Three is the charm for Isabel at The Lincolnshire Edge 2017

I set myself two goals for my third Edge Sprint; not to panic on the swim and to finish in under two hours. I prefer swimming pools with clear chlorinated water and defined lanes. In 2015 and 2016 I did not manage to put my face in Cadney Reservoir and breast stroked all the way round. The first time I was so slow, I ended up with my own kayak marshal. Last year I got lost and swam a lot further than I needed to and was even slower than the year before. This year, I managed a few swims at Barton not as many as I had hoped and a couple of other OW swims with Coach Clark. At last I was feeling braver in open water and my new wetsuit was much more comfortable than my old Aldi one. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 07

TT Series round 7

There was a heightened sense of optimism of PB’s falling like ball bearings out of a wheel hub as the evening promised low wind and a dry day. Unfortunately having zero wind can actually be detrimental as it means the rider is pushing into the wind at whatever speed you are riding in both direction as opposed to having that gentle push in one direction.

Sometimes you’ve just got to hunker down, get low and grind it out! Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 04

Scooby Malcs Ripon Sportive

I thought long & hard before entering the Ripon Sportive never having biked more than 65 miles on a sportive did I be brave and go for the medium route of 75miles – at least a bit closer to the magical 100.  The trouble was with the 1800metres of climbing involved.  I finally decided to enter the short version 44miles – that’s only the 2 bridges length so I knew I could handle the mileage – but still with 1000metres of climbing, well it should be a challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

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