Aug 02

Lakeland 100 – Ultra Tour of the Lake District by Gareth Crabb

Relax! This isn’t a full, step by step account of the 35+ hours of racing, complete with training and preparation details; that would almost be as challenging as the race was to complete itself and would certainly be an endurance event to simply read. No, I’ve chosen to give an outline of the race in general, with a few highlights (good and bad) and thoughts. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 02

TT Round 9 – Scissor, paper, stones settles winner of local TT…..

Waiting for the Lincsquad TT to arrive is like waiting for DPD to deliver that “essential” item from Wiggle or Chain Reaction. There’s the waiting where I become unsure whether I actually made the order, does the TT even exist? Then WHAM, BAM, KABOOM and SAM, “Lincsquad TT Round 9 has arrived.” Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 30

Round 9 Duathlon

Wednesday 25th July 2018 was the date we held the 9th Training race in the series of 11. Back at Burringham for this one. It seemed a little strange knowing that this would be the last one we stage here this year and due to the ongoing work to the flood defences we believe that we will not be able to use it at all next year either. We do have other venues we can use, with different routes and distances so there is no need to worry. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 20

TT Round 8 Legs of Steel The “real” Olympian Gods descend (in an uphill fashion) on Col de Burton.

Glossary of terms used in this report:

Bodily fluids:  substances (blood, snot, vomit…….) found marking the climb route……
Holderupperer:  talented person who takes pleasure in releasing hillclimbers to their doom
Foot jam:  offensive accumulation of substance found between cyclists’ toes or an inability to cleat in first time on the start line
Gorp:  uphill noise made by cyclists:  also see Rurp
Rurp:  see Gorp
Layback:  what all hillclimbers look forward to on seeing the catcher at the top of the hill
Line of weakness:  Long involved post-race analysis of performance.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 19

Duathlon Results 11th July

So another round of the Scunthorpe Triathlon club training race duathlon series with yet another venue. We are now known as the travellers of the Duathlon community (the only difference being we take our rubbish home with us).

With the Brexit deal in tatters, the football not going the way some in the country hoped and the price of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream still climbing,  the only thing left to rely on is the fact that all athletes attending these events will give 100%.

The venue this time had kindly been lent to us by our friends at Normanby park estate, giving free use of the car park, toilets and the amazing grounds to run around. The weather played it’s part with no or very little wind and bright blue skies.

We had made some changes this week to accommodate those who wanted to get home and watch the football, so with the time brought forward and only two waves training race 8 was underway.

The first 1 mile run was around the park grounds (using part of the Normanby park run course, taking in the main drive past the house before disappearing in the woods, to then emerge near the main gates (some taking the wrong fork at this point but this was adjusted for the second run, so please take this into account when reading the results). Onto the bikes, out the gate turning left and back towards the main gate. Right towards Burton then down to Thealeby, swinging left through Colby, taking in West Halton, Alkborough, back to Burton, back to the main gates, back to the car park and off the bike. This turned out to be a lovely scenic ride however from the speeds put in on the bikes no one stopped to admire the view. The second run, same course as the first, bike in the car and away to catch the second half of the football.

As always we need to say a great big thank you to all the time keepers and Marshals who gave up their time, with special mention to our lead bike, Oliver, who led the waves around the run route.

If you should have any questions or complaints regarding either the results or the venue please post them to Boris Johnson, somewhere in London as he has lots of time on his hands at the moment.

Click here to view Training race 8 results

Kind regards,

Jeff Chappill

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