Jun 05

Youth Academy recent racing roundup reports…..ready?

We’ve had a lot of youth racing recently so I (Coach Cannings) thought it would be nice to offer a bit of a roundup of a few bits and pieces from the Lincsquad Youth perspective.

The track racing at Quibell park started again early in May with the Lincsquad youth riders as ever showing very strongly and doing the club proud, (when are some grownups going to come and race they always ask me!). We’ve had a string of wins and “podium” places from riders right across the board, as a coach though for me the real pleasure is seeing what we go through during our coaching sessions being applied so well in each race by every rider.

We’ve had athletes racing duathlons too, the now annual trip over to RAF Scampton where the youths got to race alongside some of the club’s adults. An excursion over to Darley Moor in Derbyshire where the racing was hard and close but really enjoyed by everyone.

Triathlons at Rother Valley where the youths got to race alongside some of the club’s adults again and once again some excellent performances from Freddie Gibbs, Jess Stewart, Beth Hall, James Jackson and Hannah Lonsdale with it being Freddie’s 1st open water. A quote from one parent was Freddie and Jess both had amazing swims – Lincsquad coaches yet again helping our athletes to get it right on the day.


Perhaps the biggest event so far though was the chance to race as part of the Festival Of Cycling at the Lincoln Grand Prix weekend. This really was a very big deal with hundreds if not thousands of spectators lining the streets around the cathedral and castle for an evening’s criterium racing. We had Jess Stewart, Freddie Gibbs and Matthew Walsh racing in the youth events with former lincsquadders Bevan and Josh Jones racing in the 3rd/4th cat race later on, Josh notched up a very impressive win!


Jess let us have her thoughts about the experience:-

On Friday 12th May 2017, I went to my first road race at Lincoln Criterium. The race was on real roads which were cobble. I felt excited and nervous. I had to go into a pub – The Magna Carta on my own while my mum stood with my bike. I had to go to the top of the pub, signed on and got my number, which was number 1. It was really sunny and I went to look round the course, making my mum run next to me. I had to wait for her. It then suddenly poured down and we had to hide under some shop fronts to stay dry. This lasted about ten minutes and then I went to find Freddie and Mathew who were also racing.

Me and Freddie had to get to the start line and we were at the back, there were under 12s and under 10s racing together. They said 3,2,1 Go and we all set off. I stayed on my drop bars and remembered to change my gears going up and down the hills. The roads were slippy and there were drain covers, so I had to be careful, but fast. I was racing number 2 and overtook her and had to stay in front of her.

I could hear lots of noise when I went past the starting hill every time, which was exciting. On the third lap I heard Coach Cannings and Shona shouting at me, which made me pedal faster and go quicker. I finished.

They did our presentation while Mathew was racing and I cheered him on, when he went past.

I won my race and got £5 and a water bottle.


Freddie as always reflected on his performance and drew some points to work on to make sure he’s even better next time around:

On Friday night I did crit racing at Lincoln. There were 12 boys in the under 10 and everybody looked as nervous as me. We had to do 5×1 mile laps which included hills and cobbles.

I didn`t do quite as well as I thought I would, because I struggled to get my right foot clipped into my pedals for the whole race. This is the biggest race I have done so far and I have learnt from it that I have to practise more to getting my feet clipped in and also work on my strength.


Matt as ever a man of few words who lets his racing do the talking:

“Lincoln was a great experience as not many other races will have you climbing up wet cobbled rides and around a cathedral. Overall it was a fun event”


Jun 01

Duathlon Results 31st May

31st May 2017, 48 athletes made the long trek up the A15 or the 1077 to the remote location known locally as Deepdale (the home of the famous Deepdale dash).
Weather wise what a difference 14 days can make, the sun shone and the wind blew somewhere else. The first 2 mile run is known as undulating, this followed by 3 laps on the bike (again an undulating route) with a 1 mile run (yes you guessed it, it’s undulating) to finish.
The tough course took it’s toll  on man and machine, with three competitors having to withdraw, two with Mechanical issue’s and one with an old injury flaring up. This course is not designed for the faint hearted with some describing it as the Martmite of the duathlon season.

Click here to for training race 5 results

 14th June puts us back at Burringham with the start time back to normal (6.30pm) for a 1, 14, 2.
 NOTE: an amendment has been made to training race 4 results, Paul Adams was mistakenly put down as Rick Allison. This has not effected any of the positions  or rankings. Apologies to Paul for the error.
 Should you find any errors with the results please contact me via email at jeff.chappill@hotmail.com.

May 28

Keyo Brigg Bomber 2017 Provisional Results

On behalf of the Lincsquad team please click on the link below to download provisional race results and splits. A full report will follow.

Keyo Brigg Bomber 2017 Provisional Results

Any questions relating to these please email events@lincsquad.co.uk




May 27

Steve “Old Man” Clark emerges first at Emergency Services tri

Former Lincsquad Chairman, Kona qualifier, First Brit at 2016 Norseman and 2013 European Quadrathlon Champion Steve Clark continued his winning ways with a victory over other Emergency Services workers with a victory in the Sprint Tri at Nottinghams Holme Pierpoint National Water Sport centre.

Steve toyed with the others during the swim and bike section before unleashing a dominant run almost half a minute faster than second place.

Despite Steves advancing years ( 🙂 ) its good to see the fast fireman still representing Lincsquad in the results.


May 25

TT Series 2017 Round 4

It was hot! If every there was a need for the homemade ice cream from the ice cream hut in the car park behind the King William it was that day. Ok so some should ve waited until after they had ridden the 9.8 mile course but you’ve got to fuel the machine right?

Speaking of machines it seems an appropriate time to mention checking your bike and kit!

There have been a few occasions of loose seat posts, broken cleats, binding brakes and loose tri bars. Get your bike checked over guys and make sure its in good nick! Places are decided by seconds and unless you can afford to throw away a round with a DNF following a bad ride due to a mechanical it will affect your average!

Just saying  😉

Lots of PB’s and a couple of first timers this week and numbers continue to grow and just like last week conditions were about as good as we can hope for a British Summer.

Big thanks to our timekeepers and marshals and our hosts Peter and Vida from the King Billy.

Results attached below

Round 4

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