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Youth Academy Membership & BTF/ BC Information

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LYA Welcome Letter and general information – 2019

By joining the club you will be expected to abide by our Codes of Conduct which are aligned to our clubmark status.

Code of practice for Youth members

Code of practice for Parents

To join our club please go to the Membership page

BTF Age Groups and Guidelines on Race distances

Age groups for racing are based on the age as at the 31st December of the year the race takes place.

Tri-Start  – 8 years oldDistance Charts

Tri-Star 1   9-10

Tri-Star 2   11-12

Tri-Star 3    13-14

Youth           15-16

(same dist. as Tri-Star 3)

Junior          17 – 19




External Sites

Triathlon England Website
Triathlon England East Midlands – Junior Series Events
Triathlon England Yorkshire Region – Junior Series Events
British Cycling







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